No matter how healthy your lifestyle, the type of foods you eat, or the amount of sleep you get, the pain from Fibromyalgia can be unbearable.





When you wake up in so much pain that you can hardly move, and the only relief you can find is in strong pain killers prescribed by your doctor, consider Neurofeedback?

With meds, the pain may subside for a few hours, but the side effects are ever present never allowing you to lead a normal life.

Neurofeedback has been successful in alleviating such symptoms for many fibromyalgia sufferers. It targets the pain at the source, the brain.

Neurofeedback, unlike pain killers that must be taken for long periods of time – maybe even a lifetime, is completed in 30 – 40 sessions.

Read more about Neurofeedback and Fibromyalgia at Neurofeedback Intervention in Fibromyalgia Syndrome; a Randomized, Controlled, Rater Blind Clinical Trial

Chronic Pain

Where we perceive pain, in our brain, these pathways are turned into highways by being travelled on so much. Neurofeedback helps turn these highways into pathways again, and we can recommend certain exercises and techniques to help your brain reclaim the valuable neural real estate from being used for pain.